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The Kidcoin App is now available for Free on IOS and Google Play.  Basic features are available at no charge.

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Parents can assign chores to their children, and children earn Kidcoins through the completion of those chores. When assigning a chore, parents pick the reward amount. They can also add a due date, write notes, customize graphics, and set the chore to repeat as often as desired. Kids who complete chores expand their Kidcoin balance, making progress toward a goal or reward of their choice. Chores marked completed are sent to parents, who retain full discretion to approve or deny as needed. In this way, Kidcoin helps kids develop financial literacy and personal responsibility, and also functions as a bonding and communication tool between parent and child.



Kidcoin’s exciting goal-setting feature helps children stay motivated and inspired to get things done. A goal typically comes in the form of a reward with a designated Kidcoin value. Children obtain Kidcoins as they complete chores assigned to them, which they can then save toward their goals. A goal might also be a target set by the child, such as running a race or writing a play for their class. The app gives them full control to define, create, and configure the goal to their specifications, while the dashboard allows easy navigation between popular, current, and completed goals. Armed with the tools to bring quantifiable value into their day-to-day activities, no child ever needs to dread making their bed again.



Kidcoin facilitates Micro Scholarships (“Micros”) through its app and web portal. An individual, business, or organization can sponsor a challenge by creating a Micros with a designated monetary reward. Through the Kidcoin app, parents can seamlessly apply for their children to take part in the Micros, while kids can just as easily request for their parents to apply on their behalf. Thanks to the app’s simple and intuitive interface, users can easily sort through Micros, track the status of an application, and manage all communication surrounding the challenge or activity. Once accepted to the Micros, children earn Kidcoins through completion of the challenge, offering yet another exciting path for kids who are eager to take charge of their own development.

The Kidcoin App is now available for Free on IOS and Google Play.  Basic features are available at no charge.  

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