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Kidcoin Enters the Market

The Kidcoin app has launched and is now in the market, available on iOS and Google Play app stores. On launch day—Saturday, 10/15/22—our team gathered at Caven Point Field to introduce Kidcoin to the players and families of the Jersey City Soccer Association.

The event was a huge success by several measures. Multiple soccer enthusiasts and their families approached our booth and downloaded the free app. Many more expressed interest in how Kidcoin could help children become more financially literate and responsible, and how the service could be a connections and communications tool to facilitate greater closeness between parents and kids.

“It takes a village to raise a child,” says Arman Rousta, CEO and Founder of b.labs, the parent company of Kidcoin. “Kidcoin represents that by allowing kids to have and communicate with multiple supporters. Micros, chores, goals, allowances . . . it’s all possible within Kidcoin.”

The Kidcoin booth will be at Caven Point Field for the next five Saturdays, until November 19th. Anyone interested is welcome and encouraged to pay the team a visit.

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