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Kidcoin is the future of smart money management, for kids and families. Our feature rich app enables parents to create logic around allowances, gift giving and rewards for their children, while kids as young as 5 years old get to setup wish lists, goals and earn Micros (= Micro Scholarships) from sponsors.

The App has launched!  Be one of the first to put it to work for your family. Enter your Phone Number below and we will keep you abreast of product updates and company news.

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A way to engage and motivate children to strive for positive things, like eating healthier, exercising and learning new skills. You (Your Brand) decides on the achievement or action that you want to incentivize, which kids can apply, and how much to payout for those who fulfill the criteria.

Micros Scholarships


How To Earn & Use Kidcoins

Kidcoins are a form of currency that kids and adults can earn,

purchase and redeem in various ways.  In the App, $1 USD = 1 Kidcoin.



Kidcoin is a wholly owned subsidiary of b.labs Ventures, a Think Tank that solves major societal problems through innovation, disruptive technology and paradigm shifting ideas.  To solve lingering problems, you have to think differently, and do things differently than those that came before us.  Kidcoin is an education, tech and social finance company.  We believe that good financial habits require a social approach, especially for youth.


In the future, we plan to add connectivity to banking and cryptocurrency tools.  But for now, Kidcoin focuses on the core values of developing Financial Capability or Literacy, through a form of ‘funny money’ or rewards points that are managed by parents on behalf of their kids.  

About Us


Primarily, parents are the bank, and issue Kidcoins to their kids via the Kidcoin app.  Free Family accounts provide Parents with a limit of Kidcoins (enter #) and Premium accounts open up Kidcoin reserves to (enter #) per family.  Kids redeem Kidcoins (dollar for Kidcoin) via the app, as needed or on achievement of goals.  Parents must approve all redemptions and either give kids cash or buy them the cash value of whatever Kidcoins were redeemed.

Parent = Bank

Sponsors create opportunities for kids to earn Kidcoins when they achieve the sponsors criteria.  In that case, kids earn Kidcoins on achievement, while Sponsors wire actual cash (in dollars) to Parents, to support and fund the Kidcoins when redeemed.


Kidcoin Rewards Points can be earned through vetted partners for certain actions, achievements and purchases in respective apps and websites, of which the first two are Blend FC and Basement Sports!  At this time, those Kidcoins are contained in the partner rewards program, and can only be redeemed there.  In the future, this will all be connected through the Kidcoin App.


The Kidcoin App is now available for Free on IOS and Google Play. Basic features are available at no charge. Learn more about the Kidcoin App features and functionalities.

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